Evening Desert Safari Red Dunes


5 - 6 Hours


AED 120




The desert safari is essentially a short adventure journey into Dubai’s desert landscape. It includes a thrilling off-road 4×4 jeep or SUV ride, dune bashing, and various entertainment activities. Desert safari tour companies often attract tourists and foreigners visiting Dubai for vacations.

Arabian Kings Tours promises you an extraordinary evening safari trip in Dubai. Immerse in the Dubai sand dunes, enjoy a BBQ night, and more as part of our desert safari. It’s not just a trip but a memorable experience capturing the thrill, culture, and cuisine of Arabia with Arabian Kings Tours.

Why Choose an Evening Desert Safari in Dubai?

No trip to Dubai is complete without the quintessential desert safari. To truly etch your Dubai trip into memory, booking a desert safari is a must. An evening desert safari with a BBQ dinner, camel ride, and traditional dining in the heart of the Desert epitomizes the Arabian culture – a must-visit for every tourist. It’s a thrilling, immersive Arabian experience that’s completely unique.

Dubai desert safari service provide:

1. **Expert Guides:** Knowledgeable and experienced guides to ensure a safe and informative experience.
2. **Dune Bashing:** Exciting dune bashing activities in 4×4 vehicles driven by trained professionals.
3. **Camel Riding:** Authentic camel riding experiences across the desert landscape.
4. **Sunset Views:** Opportunities to witness breathtaking desert sunsets.
5. **Cultural Performances:** Enjoy traditional Emirati performances such as belly dancing, Tanoura dance, and live music.
6. **Traditional Cuisine:** Savor a delicious buffet of local Emirati and international dishes under the stars.
7. **Sandboarding:** Thrilling sandboarding experiences for adventure enthusiasts.
8. **Overnight Stays:** Options for overnight stays in comfortable desert camps for a full desert experience.
9. **Photography:** Beautiful photo opportunities with traditional Arabian costumes and the stunning desert backdrop.
10. **Henna Painting:** Experience the local culture with traditional henna painting.
11. **Pick-up and Drop-off Service:** Convenient pick-up and drop-off service from your accommodation.
12. **Customer Service:** 24/7 customer support for any inquiries or issues.



  • Pick & Drop-off from Hotel
  • By 4x4 vehicle πŸš—
  • Dune Bashing
  • ​​​​​Sand Boarding
  • ​​Camel Ride πŸͺ
  • Sunset Photography
  • Falcon photos πŸ¦…
  • Quad Bike & ATV
  • Horse Ride
  • Long Camel ride
  • Premium Sofa table sitting, Loung excess
  • Sheesha

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